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Mar 6, 2019

Episode 7: Clone High

Let’s kick Intel’s ass! Oh, wait…

For our seventh regular show, first we look at a few items of Apple news, including an Apple event scheduled for March 25, more on the ongoing enterprise certificate kerfluffle, a fix to the FaceTime bug, clandestine screen recording by some apps, more on Toyota and CarPlay, and the lack of a mac bug bounty program. In the HomeKit Chronicles, we talk about a promising hire at Apple, and dig into garage door openers as a segue into the world of homebridge. In our main topic, we fire up the time machine for a trip back to the 90s and the era that brought us a plethora of piñatas...or clone Macs as it were. the good, the bad, and the surprisingly short clone era are remembered in all their glory.

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