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Dec 24, 2019

It’s lovely weather for a podcast together with you!

For our twenty-eighth regular show, we take a break from the usual podcast antics and celebrate the holidays, Icon Garden-style! Tech podcasts are required by ancient podcast law to have year-end awards, so awards we have! Everything from app of the year to our favorite holiday specials to watch on that digital device that Santa is sure to bring. Please join us for the Icon Garden Holiday Special and have a safe and enjoyable holiday season and we will see you in 2020!

Originally recorded on December 21, 2019

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Our show is produced by Nathan Mace (antiwraith on Ars)and edited by Dan Vincent. Our theme song is composed by the wondrous Space Vixen, who you can find on twitter @cat_cornett and their music at

You can find Dan on Twitter @kefkafloyd. Against his better judgement, Jake is still on twitter @jakepugh. You can leave feedback by tweeting @icongardenshow or posting on the Icon Garden thread at the Mac Ach forum by going to . You can subscribe to our show on your podcast platform of choice, or visit our website at

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Special Guest Hep Svadja