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Dec 11, 2019

Takin' Care of Business

For our twenty-seventh regular show, we are joined by special guest Jeff Berg, jaberg on the Ars forums. Jeff is a long-time mac user and active participant on the forum, and brings a wealth of knowledge and some great stories to the table. In the news, we offer our takes on the Apple holiday ad, discuss AirPlay 2 getting cracked, BMW changing course on charging for CarPlay, the location tracking confusion of ultrawideband, and rumors of a port-free iPhone. In the HomeKit Chronicles, Jake was all set to talk about the Onelink Safe and Sound smoke detector, but catastrophic equipment failure made for an interesting stress test of a HomeKit house. In our main topic, we talk about what it means to use a Mac as a "professional' and how that has changed over the years. It’s a wonderful and wide ranging discussion that we really hope you enjoy!

Originally recorded on December 8, 2019

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Jeff can be found at on the Ars forums as jaberg, on twitter at @jaberg and on instagram as jaberg.

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